New Assemble Window Ac Service In Delhi NCR

For window AC Assemble starts with removing the glass or mesh from the window. A window AC unit is heavy and need a minimum of 2 people for Assemble.

A window AC unit has following parts:

Outer case or frame

Inner unit

Front screen

Remote control

Window AC installation/ Assemble requires following tools



Drilling machine

Support brackets

Guide panels (Optional)

Basic tool box

What is included in window AC installation/ Assemble?

In window AC installation/ Assemble, first the outer case is securely fixed within the window with the assistance of screws. The inner unit of window AC is then firmly fixed inside the outer case with the assistance of screws. After the inner unit of window AC is correctly fixed within the outer case, the window AC is switched on to see if it's starts properly. Then the front screen or the duvet is gently fixed on the inner unit. Finally the air cleaner of window AC is inserted in situ and therefore the front cover is closed.


Important guidelines for window AC installation/ Assemble

 A window air conditioning should be installed in such how that the buttocks is slightly less than the front. A difference of 1 inch is ok. If the unit is just too low at front than the condensed water leaks from the front instead of dripping from the buttocks of the air conditioning.

Window AC must be installed at an accurate height. the simplest height for window AC installation is 3-4 feet from the ground

A window air conditioning must be installed in a neighborhood that gives proper ventilation.

 A window AC should be installed at an area faraway from heat source.

 Ensure that there's easy drainage for condensed water dripping out of AC

 Do not install window AC unit in a neighborhood exposed to rain or direct sunlight.

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